Community Center

The idea of the community center is to offer a place where all members of the Royal Residencia community from young to old, can meet for various activities. Royal Residencia community center offers an endless list of positives. It offers a place for people to gather with like agendas, such as concerts, performances, lectures, adult and children’s games, voting booths, community meetings, community dinner, Guest Rooms and much more. RR Community center help to nourish old and new friendships.

Community center help to get children and young adults off the street, giving them purpose in their life. Scheduled games offer kids the opportunity to show off their talents that they may not necessarily have. Kids need a place to gather and feel like they belong. If everyone tied to the community center offers time and some funds they can keep their valuable services protected and going. RR Community center is a valuable asset to Royal Residencia residents, in that it gets neighbors together for the good of the community, fighting the cause for a crime free and healthy neighborhood.

Cigar Room


Dinning Area

dinning room

Playing Area

snooker tables